The Difference between Fear and Intuition According To Anne Berube

The Difference between Fear and Intuition According To Anne Berube

Fear and intuition are two of the most confused terms to describe the familiar feeling deep in your gut. Your gut feeling could be your intuition trying to tell you something will happen, or it could be fear trying to get in the way of progress. Anne Bérubé has one of the best definitions of each and in her book, Fear vs. Intuition. She explores the characteristics of each and outlines the differences to help you make the distinction.


Every human being has an inner, almost magical, territory where intuition lives. Most people know the existence of their intuition, but it takes a sensuous journey to rediscover and awaken the more subtle dimensions found deep in your being. Intuition helps you to experience life fully, and gain access to knowledge and wisdom through heightened human intellect.

Intuition is an essential component of achieving self-realization, living a healthy lifestyle and most of all, being happy. Intuition is your soul’s means of communicating with you to take life as it comes and being content in every circumstance. Having a strong connection to your intuition helps you to be present in the moment. It is accompanied by a sense of assurance that you are connected to a greater whole including your mind, body, and the environment around you.


Fear, on the other hand, is the emotional response effected by a sensed threat. Fear leads to a change in organ and brain function, as well as behavior. Fear is the result of living in your mind instead of living life as you see it in your environment. Fear can cause you to run away from your problems, or remain in a lowly position at work. However, not all fear is bad; it can save you a lot of trouble, and this is where many people confuse it with intuition.

Both come with feelings of inadequacy, but if you are strong enough to follow through, then that is your intuition working, while fear will keep you from taking action. Make the conscious journey to re-discover your intuition and take every opportunity to realizing your real self and destiny.