Best Eco Friendly Beauty Products of 2015

Best Eco Friendly Beauty Products of 2015

With these eco-friendly beauty products, you can look good and use products that aren’t tested on animals or are full of chemicals. Here’s a complete list of vegan makeup and beauty brands that you must include in your vanity. 

•    OCC’s (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) pigments and eye shadows are made from minerals and semi precious stones that are crushed to make powder. These are absolutely safe for eyes and are long-lasting. Oh, and they are cruelty free. 

•    If you have used Vitamin C serums in the past to get a youthful skin, then you must definitely try Vitamin C and Anti-aging face serum from John Masters which made from organic extracts – sea algae and vitamin c that are gentle on skin. 

•    Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Organic Hair is best to keep hairs free from frizz. This light weight organic hair conditioner can be used for styling or can be left as it is after shampooing. 

•    If you wanted to add a versatile makeup product in your vanity that is eco-friendly, then you must add the Lip2Cheek formula from RMS beauty that is available in different shades and gives a beautiful glow and finish to lips and cheeks.