How To Choose The Best Lipstick Shade For You, Based On Skin Tone, Style, Etc.

How To Choose The Best Lipstick Shade For You, Based On Skin Tone, Style, Etc.

Finding the right lipstick is like winning a lottery, it’s difficult and rewarding. It’s encouraging that with the right tips, that perfect shade of lipstick for your skin tone and your style is easy to find!

Many know that dark colored walls make any room look smaller and light colored walls make any room look wider; the same philosophy holds true for the shape of your lips. Be mindful of lipstick colors the next time you go shopping.

If there had to be one lipstick for all events – work, parties, weddings, and more, then it’s best to choose a shade that is closest to the natural color of your lip. Going nude or getting beige lipstick shades are also great options!

The undertones are another key aspect to keep in mind when choosing the lipstick shade for your skin tone. There are two basic types of undertones – cool and warm. To know which one is right for you, simply determine what color your veins (on the inner wrist) are in bright light.; if they are green, then you have a warm undertone, if they are blue then you have a cool undertone. Either-way, remember that the rich colors like plum compliment cool undertones and pink shades compliment warm undertones.

The ‘tester’ lipsticks at the store can be icky for some but it’s very important to try the shades on your lips to know if that’s right for you or not. Most people just slide a layer on their wrists, however, the skin tone of our wrists is so different from our face. Even if you don’t want to smear some on your lips, smear it on your jaw, if you will – anything to help you choose the best lipstick shade, just do it!